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Full Name   Ancel DCunha (25)
Country/City Iloilo City / Philippines University/Major USA / Med. Lab Sci
★★★★★ 授業の成功率
Hey there! My name is teacher Ancel. I've been learning and speaking English all my life, and it is the medium I most commonly use when communicating. I am an IELTS taker myself with a Band Score Average of 8, my highest suit being a Band Score 9 in Reading. With that, I can say I am quite proficient in the English language. But enough about myself — now, I want to hand down what I know about English to all of you.

So you're probably wondering, "why am I here, learning about English? What's so important about it? I just want to get a good IELTS score." To answer that, we have to know what language is, and not just focus on passing an exam. Language is the beautiful melody that gives music to life. It helps people express what they think in their minds, what they feel in their hearts, what they desire in their lives. And the English language is at the cornerstone of all others. Being the most spoken and well-known language in the world, it is the universal medium used to communicate and express ideas in school, at home, or at work. English is that important.

So now, after knowing the why's, let's look at the how's — I am formally inviting you to be students in my class and learn the tunes and tones of the English language, with my guiding help. No matter what your current level is, I am here to help you grow and excel in this language. My primary goal? To help all of you learn enough to become nothing less than experts yourselves.
○ 이OO  (124.♡.115.209)
2020-08-13 22:03:33
I really enjoy your class!!