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Full Name   Jeramie Lorenzo Jimenez (31)
Country/City Philippines / Iloilo University/Major Baliwag State Uni. / BSSE
★★★★★ 授業の成功率
Hello, my name is Jeramie. I have been studying English since I was young and I consider this as my second language. I am an expert in Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. I want to share my knowledge to those people who want to improve their English skills. I am a passionate person when it comes to my job; I have a lot of experience with different kinds of people as well since I was able to teach at a young age. Making a person brighter each day is one of my goals in life. I'm not a boring person, don't worry, I make learning fun and easy for my students. I'm also a "Culture Enthusiast." I love studying different cultures and their respective languages. This helps me understand people from another place and set that kind of bond that will keep them motivated.
○ SHIMOO  (49.♡.101.157)
2020-05-28 09:37:01
○ SHIMOO  (180.♡.238.131)
2020-05-26 15:17:54
you are so nice teacher
○ SHIMOO  (180.♡.238.131)
2020-05-26 12:06:04
you are so nice teacher