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Full Name   Elerose Cabizan (25)
Country/City Philippines / Iloilo City University/Major University of Iloilo / Special Education
★★★★★ 授業の成功率
Hi! I'm Elerose. I took up Bachelor of Special Needs Education at the PHINMA-University of Iloilo. I've been a field interviewer for almost 4yrs. I've also been a freelance tutor for almost 1 year and I just realized I love teaching, I have a passion for it.

Learning English is relevant to us. As what we all know, English is the universal language. We can all communicate and understand each other even though we are in different races when we use English language. It has been our advantage if we know how to speak and understand English. You can use it for your own purpose and for disseminating new learnings to young ones. I always see to it that I have time to be a volunteer teacher to some remoted places where indigenous children cannot afford to go to school and study. Now, I'm here at MK enjoying every single time teaching cheerful students and also collecting great moments with them.