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Full Name   Jancent M. Lozada (30)
Country/City Philippines / Iloilo University/Major WVSU-Lambunao / Elementary Education
★★★★★ 授業の成功率
Hello I’m Teacher Jansent. I am a Graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education. Although learning English can be challenging and time-consuming, we can see that it is also very valuable to learn and can create many opportunities!

But I’m here to help you to enhance and widen your skills in speaking English Language. I’m very friendly, warm and great in communication. Learning a skill, such as a new language can take a long time. If you feel like your progress is slow, bear in mind these wise words from me.
So what are you waiting for, come and join my class and study English with me.
○ 壇OO  (122.♡.93.42)
2020-08-26 14:46:08
I enjoyed and understood very much in the second class.
○ 壇OO  (122.♡.93.42)
2020-08-26 14:33:42
I was nervous for the first time, but I was glad that I managed to communicate
○ 노OO  (61.♡.214.122)
2020-07-06 15:26:38
I have an iphone xs and you have a galaxy phone. And it was very cute to follow your Korean !!! Have a good day >3<